Saturday, 30 September 2017

KOTLIN - New Language for Android

KOTLIN is the new programming language for Android app development. Since Oracle produced hurdle in unlimited free commercial usage of Java Language on other platforms, Google Inc. decided to use a new language i.e Kotlin for its application development platform and integrated its availability in latest version of its IDE i.e. Android Studio.

Kotlin is open source progamming language programmed by Jet Brians. Kotlin is becoming more and more popular gradually. It is often considered as a successor of Java language for Android. it provides a better development experience as compare to Java language, because it is efficient , concise, and expressive.

Java is a strong language. But of course , one should not waste time to make apps in Java that is going to be obsolete for Android. Oracle owns Java. Oracle has filed a legal suite against Android (Google). Oracle accused Google of "classic unfair use" in a district court Jury and claimed Google for 9 billion dollars for using Java APIs in 2014. That is why Google is shifting Android to Kotlin. Google has been working on Kotlin for 7 years already to replace Java. Now, its the time to do it. So, it is not articles. It is Google's decision. so, dont waste time on Java , if you are serious on Android. It is all mentioned in Android Official site.


- You can convert easily your apps from Java to Kotlin.
- Kotlin is present and future programming language of Android

- Same existing application  created on Java can have new features built on Kotlin

So, it is the golden time to learn Kotlin right now.

If you are planning to learn android development, do not waste your time learning by ignoring Kotlin. 

So, New developers and development companies should select courses of Android Application Training that focusses in Kotlin .

If you wanna convert your existing app on Kotlin , or wanna make new app, you should hire expert android developers of Kotlin.

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